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So what exactly is refinishing WITH NO DUST?

This is the process of sanding your hardwood floors down to raw wood, effectively removing the existing finish and stain. This used to be an extremely dusty process that caused clean-up nightmares when the dust would infiltrate your air-ducts and spread throughout your home. In recent years, PT Wood Floors Corp  has developed a state-of-the-art dust containment system that virtually eliminates dust. This high-powered vacuum system attaches to each piece of our sanding equipment and as the dust is generated from the sanding process it’s whisked away through the attached hoses to a container .

Benefits of using a dustless system include:

• Less airborne dust reduces chance of finish getting contaminated

• Blessing for homeowners and employees who are allergic to dust

• 30 minute clean-up when finished, no need to hire cleaning professional


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