PT Wood Floor

UV Light Curing Technology


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Hardwood floors finished with UV (ultraviolet) curing technology offer a number of unique benefits that non-UV floors simply cannot match. For instance: 

  • UV finished floors are nearly twice as hard as pre-finished floors and floors cured with non-UV finishes.

  • UV floor finishing cures in seconds, instead of the 30 days that some conventional finishes can take.

  • Even premium catalyzed finishes such as Bona

       Traffic take days before being fully cured

  • UV cured floors are odor-free and produce zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making them a green choice for home and business owners concerned about the environment.

  • Because they’re harder, UV finished floors are more scratch resistant, scuff resistant, and resistant to marks from shoe heels and soles.

  • UV cured floors resist stains and chemical intrusion better than non-UV floors.

Whether you’re a builder who can’t afford the downtime while waiting for the finish to cure or a business owner who can’t close down an lose revenue, professional UV floor finishing is the answer.

In just a few, short hours you can have completely finished floors that are 100% cured and ready for use.


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